Bassoon Reeds

HurryCane Reeds offers two options for bassoon reeds: Student and Soloist. Each reed is hand-made and tested to ensure that every reed we sell is of the highest quality.

All our bassoon reeds are sealed with  beeswax.
Beeswax colours available: red, green, yellow, blue, light purple

Reed strength:
Hard – Gonzales cane, Pisoni cane
Medium – Rigotti cane

About our bassoon cane:
Cane dimensions: 24mm diameter, 1.32-1.34 mm gouge
Processed on: Reeds n’ Stuff pre-gouger, Rieger gouger, and MD Reeds Products profiler

Student Bassoon Reed

Designed for the beginning bassoon player (but appropriate for all!), this reed offers easy response and control, while providing stability through the full range of the instrument. This reed is ideal for a beginning student, as its easy response will help the student learn to use a relaxed embouchure and focus on maintaining steady air support. This reed is shaped with the MD Reeds Straight Shaper #2A.

Soloist Bassoon Reed

The Soloist Bassoon Reed is a powerful reed designed for projection, broad dynamic range, and quick response. It is ideally suited for solo performance and orchestral playing. This reed is shaped with the MD Reeds Straight Shaper #2A.