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Vacation and LC Double Reed Products!

Hi Everyone,

So we are currently on vacation, taking a nice break until July 1. We are taking advantage and enjoying the activities of the outdoors on the West Coast. If you would like to place an order while we are gone please email

Anyways, we wanted to let you all know we will be adding a few products when we return in July! We will be adding LC Double Reeds cutting blocks and 12-reed oboe cases and 6-reed bassoon cases. Their products are just amazing. Their cutting blocks give a perfectly clean cut to the tips of reeds, and their reed cases are just beautifully coloured and well built.

Happy Summer,

Liz & Scott

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Exciting things are happening!


Making reeds and music in Manitoba has been and continues to be beautiful. We are grateful to all you oboists and bassoonists who love our reeds from coast to coast – in Canada, as well as the USA. There are exciting new additions to come to HurryCaneReeds in the future, so stay tuned! We will be giving hints (check out our instagram and facebook), and will make an announcement once we are ready.
Good things are coming, and only the best for all of you.
Happy playing everyone,
Liz & Scott
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Now Accepting New Students

It’s back-to-school time for students in Winnipeg, and now is the perfect time to sign up for private lessons in oboe or bassoon. Private lessons are the best way for your student to prepare for Manitoba Honour Concert Band¬†auditions, RCM Examinations, recitals, and university auditions.

We offer private lessons for $25 for a half hour or $45 for a full hour, and if it’s your student’s first lesson with us, they get a free reed! Further, students who take regular lessons with us will enjoy discounted prices on our oboe and bassoon reeds.

Contact us for more information about scheduling lessons at our home studio in Winnipeg.

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New music for bassoon from Scott Miller

I am pleased to announce the self-publication (digital though it may be) of my set of etudes titled “200X: Stage Selections for Bassoon, Volume 1.” Sheet music and recordings can be found at my Band Camp page, or by clicking on the embedded player below. The individual tracks are free to download, and are meant to serve as a demonstration of the etudes. The sheet music can be downloaded as a “bonus item” with the purchase of the entire album ($15 US).