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From the Reed Table: 9/13/11

This week I am making bassoon reeds from Danzi cane. The cane is quite hard (hard cane allows for more vibrant and stable reeds), and I am very pleased with the reeds that have come from it so far! Order a bassoon reed today, or check back next week to see what’s going on at HurryCane Reeds.

Remember, we are offering free shipping on all reed orders of $30 or more until October 1!

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Exciting news for students

Now is the time to get your oboe and bassoon students ready for the fall! In addition to our reed-making services, we are pleased to offer private instruction in oboe and bassoon to students in the Baton Rouge area. Contact us for more information!

Sign up now for great deals on monthly recurring reed orders! Get 5% off when you sign up for 3 months of reeds, and 10% off when you sign up for 6 months!

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Setting up shop

Hello double reed enthusiasts!

What we’re trying to build here is a place for you to find the reeds that fit your needs. All reeds that we sell on this site are hand-made by a bassoonist (myself) or an oboist (my wife, Elizabeth). Our goal is to provide you with reed options that best suit your performance requirements. Please bear with us as we construct our website. In the meantime, check out for awesome custom swabs for woodwind instruments!