Now Offering Rigotti Bassoon Cane

We have expanded our product offerings to include Rigotti bassoon cane! This cane is excellent for making reeds that are of a medium to medium hard strength.


Now Accepting New Students

It’s back-to-school time for students in Winnipeg, and now is the perfect time to sign up for private lessons in oboe or bassoon. Private lessons are the best way for your student to prepare for Manitoba Honour Concert Band¬†auditions, RCM Examinations, recitals, and university auditions.

We offer private lessons for $25 for a half hour or $45 for a full hour, and if it’s your student’s first lesson with us, they get a free reed! Further, students who take regular lessons with us will enjoy discounted prices on our oboe and bassoon reeds.

Contact us for more information about scheduling lessons at our home studio in Winnipeg.

New music for bassoon from Scott Miller

I am pleased to announce the self-publication (digital though it may be) of my set of etudes titled “200X: Stage Selections for Bassoon, Volume 1.” Sheet music and recordings can be found at my Band Camp page, or by clicking on the embedded player below. The individual tracks are free to download, and are meant to serve as a demonstration of the etudes. The sheet music can be downloaded as a “bonus item” with the purchase of the entire album ($15 US).

Summer Bassoon Lessons

Attention students, parents, and band directors in the Winnipeg area: now is the time to sign up for bassoon lessons for the summer! Whether your student is an advanced player or has no experience with the instrument, private instruction is the tool they need to bring their playing to the next level.

Lessons are offered from my home studio in Winnipeg, and I am currently offering a 10% discount on summer lessons for students of all levels. This offer is valid for students who commit to weekly private lessons between July 1 and August 1 (exact schedule and number of lessons can be negotiated to work conveniently around vacation and summer camp plans), and is an ideal opportunity for students who are new to the instrument or who are seeking advanced instruction including preparation for university auditions.

Lessons focus on the following:

Care of the instrument and the musician – students learn to maintain a working instrument and to maximize the efficiency of their own practice
Proficiency with the instrument – fundamentals of tone production, technique, intonation
Integration of music theory with music practice – intervals, scales, arpeggios, phrasing, style
Repertoire – studies, solos, chamber music, ensemble music for band and orchestra
Audition and competition preparation
Bassoon reed-making (advanced students)

All of my students play on reeds that I make for them, and are given a reed free of charge at their first lesson.

For more information about lessons or reeds, please email me at